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However, recruitment also makes businesses faced with a lot of difficulties. In a series of recruitment consulting businesses, Vy Phuong is proud to be an excellent address in supporting orientation process, recruitment plan implementation for businesses.

We can see a lot of the problems that businesses are facing in the recruitment process, such as:

Ø  How to organize recruitment process reasonably? How to attract good candidates? How do small companies recruit personnel effectively and rapidly?

Ø  Determine competency assessment criteria of staff during recruitment

Ø  Can online recruitment help save and support for your company?

Ø  How to recruit candidates for senior positions?

Ø  Why does document selection of each candidate take a lot of your time? How to locate quickly the candidates?

Ø  How to give an attractive recruitment pattern?

Ø  In case the company needs short-term work candidates, who will be your selector?

That is why businesses need to personnel recruitment advisory services. Vy Phuong provides recruitment service pack consisting of senior personnel recruitment, employee recruitment, official and seasonal labor recruitment for businesses with high work efficiency, cost savings.

With the motto of dedication, enthusiasm and quality, for any company Vy Phuong also efforts to find solutions to help businesses optimize stability, minimize the amount of work but high results.


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Address: 7/2 Duong Tu Quan, An Lac A Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City Branch: 662/16 Su Van Hanh, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City

Telephone number: 08 62701717 - 08 62757171 Fax: 08 39797967



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Structuring and Restructuring Consultancy Service For the Business
One of the areas that VyPhuong has been always at top is structuring and restructuring consultancy service for the business. 

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