Structuring and Restructuring Consultancy Service For the Business

After formation and stability, all businesses may have to experience difficult periods for many subjective and objective reasons:


  • Rapid growth of business scope now is difficult to avoid the status of "wearing oversized shirt". If the beginning of establishment, each enterprise holds between 10 and 20 employees only, now number of enterprises have from 100 to thousands of labors is not rare.
  • Operating activities will become more complex and professional management requirement is also higher. A business owner now may have to make hundreds of decisions every day on the market, human resources, administration, technology, manufacturing, finance and accounting, so on, the overload and overrange are entirely happenable.
  • Scope of activities is broader. With the integration trend, businesses are reaching beyond the world market. Direct import and export, opening representative offices, overseas branch, and overseas investment are also major question marks.
  • Along with the growth of scale, the scope of activities and business areas, the current era poses to the enterprise a lot of interesting issues about corporate culture and reputation in the business, brand building and development, etc.


The factors mentioned above are not only the subjective and objective conditions that are inevitable, the rule for the development against the enterprise. Therefore, management model changes and corporate restructuring become inevitable requirements. That is also the reason that the experts of Vy Phuong desire to help managers, leaders to find the optimal path to steer the business through a period of crisis.


Corporate restructuring helps businesses be adaptive to the times towards new successes in a sustainable development. The areas in which experts group of Vy Phuong is providing advices directly to the enterprises include:


  • Strategic advice on business lines, categories of products and goods, area of operation, so on. Help enterprises build Vision, Mission, Brand Positioning, etc.
  • Organizational design consultancy, business flow restructuring.
  • Structural adjustment of enterprise apparatus organization: relocation from the assigned functions, duties and powers of the department, management level, titles, etc.
  • Adjustment of institutional structure through the review, rationalization alteration of the work processes to the rules, regulations
  • Adjusting investment structure to create the resources and reallocation and use of resources
  • Consulting construction of Operation Process and Business Process (management procedures, forms and job description records ...)
  • Consulting construction of KPI indicator system to help assess staffs support payment of salaries, bonuses, and create motivate for employees.
  • Consulting construction of internal training system - Soft power development of Enterprise.
  • Training and technology transfer to Enterprises.


With a team of leading economic experts with practical experiences when directly solving difficulties for many companies, Vy Phuong is a prestigious address for any company which demands management and corporate restructuring consultancy.


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