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Structuring and Restructuring Consultancy Service For the Business

One of the areas that VyPhuong has been always at top is structuring and restructuring consultancy service for the business. 

Recruitment Service

In business operation, personnel in enterprises are always variable. At the same time, every year, the companies, enterprises have deman
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Industrial cleaning services of Vy Phuong with the motto of pres

Recruitment Plan Implementation for Businesses.
Human resource is always a key factor, determining the success of the enterprise. Human resource supply service of Vy Phuong is proud to bring the optimal solution on
Human Resource Management
Operation of an enterprise depends on many factors. In which the quality of human resources is the indispensable key factor. Quality human resources to create quality products and services for companies to help maintain and d
Vy Phuong's industrial cleaning service not only helps you clean up infrastructure and interior, exterior furnishings but also clean products frequently used as blankets, drape, pillows, towels, cleaning rags, c
Backaging and Labeling
Ex-warehousing goods need to be packed carefully, labeled fully, reliably before leaving the factory. However, quantity of ex-warehoused goods is not stable at all time, so the companies often have difficulty in maintaining number of packaging and labeling
Data entry service, statistics of Vy Phuon
Operation of a business requires a lot of costs from infrastructure, labor, goods, etc. Saving any costs in this work will give you more money to promote aspects which bring high profits for the
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