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As a company that provides lump-sum services for businesses, the service of goods consignment of Vy Phuong is always guaranteed by the supplementary services. Together with reputable businesses that Vy Phuong had built in a lot of years, the customers can rely on this potential consignment service of the company.Ø  Vy Phuong commits to implement the agreement in favor of the consignor, particularly:Ø  Returns true quantity of goods consigned by customers.Ø  Any quantity is no longer correct to number of consignment, Vy Phuong shall pay money to customer for difference value at buying price of agent (agreed in advance)Ø  Vy Phuong enjoys a discount on the sale price and has to pay to customer (consignor) at price to be noticed by consignor.Vy Phuong receives consignment of goods from customers with a commitment to keep the goods in accordance with the temperature requirements notified by customer so that goods are best preserved. Vy Phuong has an excellent good preservation system, regularly protecting and checking goods of customerr to ensure quality and durability of the product.With the trust and requests from customers, Vy Phuong has expanded the field of activity to provide customers with services of brokerage, auction, safe and professional insurance. Contact Vy Phuong today for the mutual understanding and long-term cooperation.  Vy Phuong Co., Ltd: Address: 7/2 Duong Tu Quan, An Lac A Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City Branch: 662/16 Su Van Hanh, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh CityTelephone number: 08 62701717 - 08 62757171        Fax: 08 39797967 Email:

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