Human Resource Management

Understanding quality of human resources is the leading advantage of business, Vy Phuong provides the enterprises with services of training consultancy, development of human resources from experts of many years of experience accompanying with enterprises.

Deployment, training of basic knowledge, continuous education on ethics, professional skills for employees, training to improve productivity, quality, and labor efficiency are desired by all enterprises.

Consulting a way to help encourage and facilitate the workers to improve their own workmanship.

Guiding enterprises to facilitate to increase the efficiency of human resource training, namely:

  • Identifying training needs of human resources
  • Identifying training goals
  • Developing training programs and diversifying training programs.
  • Identifying training and development fund
  • Building facility for human resource training
  • Using trained human resources


Training human resources for businesses and fostering a team of entrepreneurs to become strong, capable, qualified and quality, high reputation that will contribute positively in improvement of the quality, efficiency and competitiveness, rapid and sustainable development, and contribute to promote the industrialization, modernization and international integration.


This is also the desire and effort of Vy Phuong to offer enterprises and partners the thoroughness of research, enthusiastic advice and service quality. To not only bring success to the enterprise, the success of Vy Phuong services but also the long-term cooperation, friendship with your company, your business.


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