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Vy Phuong is proud and honored to bring these services which are not only professional but also highly identifiable solutions to help build the information technology infrastructure for companies, enterprises, units of production, business ... help meet operational requirements and optimal use of resources. With a team of skilled professional experts, experienced, agile style, Vy Phuong conducts quick survey and consults solutions, overall engineering design, installation and system configuration, network maintenance for businesses and families. All designs must be compact, high efficiency, ease of use and take into account the scale development of the enterprise later. Application network built on the technical platform of the famous network carriers in the world such as: Cisco, Nortel, Microsoft, IBM, Linux, ... Build servers as File Server, Mail Server, Backup Server, Web Server, Print Server, etc. WAN VPN network on devices such as Cisco, Nortel, NexG, Netgear ... create a remote connection Site to Site, Client to Site… Outdoor Wireless – Wifi – Wimax... Contact Vy Phuong today to get the most attentive advices and supports.  Contact Vy Phuong Co., Ltd: Address: 7/2 Duong Tu Quan, An Lac A Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City Branch: 662/16 Su Van Hanh, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh CityTelephone number: 08 62701717 - 08 62757171 Fax: 08 39797967 Email:

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Mechanical Systems Services

With years of experienc

The Prestige - quality of service is the strong foundation for V
One of the areas that Vy Phuong is pround after years of operation is  a service providing professional PG-PB in Ho Chi Minh C
Service of Goods Consignment
Those who have no favorable sales location or which is too crowded, the service of goods consignment of Vy Phuong is the best solution. 
Recruitment Plan Implementation for Businesses.
Human resource is always a key factor, determining the success of the enterprise. Human resource supply service of Vy Phuong is proud to bring the optimal solution on
Human Resource Management
Operation of an enterprise depends on many factors. In which the quality of human resources is the indispensable key factor. Quality human resources to create quality products and services for companies to help maintain and d
Operation of a business requires a lot of costs from infrastructure, labor, goods, etc. Saving any costs in this work will give you more money to promote aspects which bring high profits for the

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