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Vy Phuong provides service package of goods packaging and labeling to meet the enterprises' demand of preservation of goods during transportation, storage, demurrage efficiently, saving and improving company product image in the eyes of customers.With a team of highly skilled, good discipline labors, Vy Phuong commits to offer an effective packing and labeling service to give the beautiful products, well-preserved during transport and storage. This process will be organized, implemented by Vy Phuong in the shortest working time.Some of activities of labeling and packaging service of Vy Phuong such as:·         Wooden baling, wooden crates, wooden pallets on demand.·         Wrapping Intercept shrink film to protect goods against rust, anti-static, anti-mold in any weather.·         Fragile goods dunnage to ensure safety in transportation.·         Cargo trapping, lashing.·         Provides consultancy and packaging materials to protect goods.·         Consulting deployment of unloading services, cargo transport, storage ...With its responsibility, Vy Phuong commits to its customers for labeling, packaging service to be protected from the usually-occurred shaking and tremors when lifting, piling and transportation by road, sea, environmental agents such as rain, wind, hail, dust, temperature, humidity and gases causing rust, rainwater, sea ...Finally the product is delivered to customers in the safe-preserved, hygiene and most beautiful state. Please contact Vy Phuong without delay for service supplied today.  Contact Vy Phuong Co., Ltd: Address: 7/2 Duong Tu Quan, An Lac A Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City Branch: 662/16 Su Van Hanh, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh CityTelephone number: 08 62701717 - 08 62757171        Fax: 08 39797967 Email:

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